Test Yourself to See How Much You Know About They Eye!

This is they eye Quiz... Test. Here you will see how much you know about your eyes. Why is it important because you see with your eyes. See what I mean? Enjoy!

Can you tell me what is in your eye? No not when you get something in your eye, but what your eye is made of. Can you do that? Lets test your knowledge!

Created by: Jeff
  1. What is the retina?
  2. What is the Cornea?
  3. What is the Optic Nerve?
  4. What is the pupil?
  5. What is a Rod?
  6. What is a Blind Spot?
  7. What is Binocular Vision?
  8. What are Bifocals?
  9. What is a Cone?
  10. What is the Iris?

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Quiz topic: Test myself to See How Much You Know About They Eye!