Test your vocabulary for obscure words

So you think you have a sufficient vocabulary to handle your day to day activities. You're probably right. But how is your understanding of the many, many obscure words that the English language is full of?

This quize will test your vocabulary for obscure words in the English language. Sure, you could probably cheat, but that wouldn't be fun for anyone, would it. I've put in some of my personal favorite words. Let's see how well you do.

Created by: Nathen Murawski

  1. a sensation like insects crawling over the skin
  2. ecdysiast
  3. heterogenous, mixture
  4. appurtenance
  5. to equivicate
  6. incunabula
  7. the estimation of something as valueless
  8. jactitation
  9. surly, peevish
  10. absquatulate

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Quiz topic: Test my vocabulary for obscure words