Test Your Music Wit

How well do you know your favorite Dyna Artists' songs? Let's see how witty you are! Take this lyric quiz and find out! All you need to do is to fill in the correct lyric in each song. Game on!

After this quiz, you can check you answers at the Dyna Music Store, the online portal of Dyna Music. Are you ready to take the quiz? Brace yourselves. It's about to start in 3. 2. 1..

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  1. Complete the lyrics Nef Medina: I wanna be with you.
  2. Migz Haleco: Cause baby you're my sweetest and baby you're my dearest. I don't wanna __________
  3. S&H: Malayo, Malapit Din, Sa isip ko'y nariyan ka, Sa puso ko ay.
  4. Jake: May Nagmamahal na ba sayo? Kung wala'y ________.
  5. Derrick: O giliw, Pangarap _______ mo'y itinapon mo.
  6. Jose Mari Chan: Deep in my heart, I loveyou. Deep in my heart I ______
  7. Nef: All I wanna do, is to Laugh with you and cry with and make you feel that I am here, ready to _____ for you.
  8. Migz Haleco: Would you look at me I am tired of this Sick and and tired of things I ____ to do.
  9. S&H: Nagsimula ang lahat ng _______ka Di lubos maisip na tayo na.
  10. Nef Medina: Every Minute of Every day I miss like I'll never see the ______

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