Test your movie trivia knowledge

Movies, made fom books, video games, or just made up, the movies in this quiz are The golden compass, Diary of a wimpy kid and Men in black, and i have faith my friend

Are you a majour movie man/woman? or are you not, these are 10 quistions that could change your life! now be ready for anything, and go,go,go! i have faith

Created by: Dylan

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  1. The Golen compass is going to these first 6 quistions. Quistion 1, what is the ice bears name?
  2. What is Lyra's Daemon?
  3. True or false, The ice bear Lyra was with, he had a scar?
  4. How old is Lyra?
  5. What is Lee Scorebeys Daemon, and what is his name?
  6. How did The ice bear with Lyra kill King Ragnar?
  7. Now it's Diary of a wimpy kid, quistion 1 who was the actor of Greg Heffley?
  8. What was the fake time Rodrick sent Gregs clock to at the start of the movie?
  9. now it's the end of the quiz, please rate, but one more quistion, what coulour are Lyras eyes?
  10. and 1 quistion for men in black, who plays Jay?

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