Test your media evolution knowledge

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, after all, quite exceptional. You have an extraordinarily clever mind and study well in life.

Do you think you are smart, huh? Well here is your big chance to try to do well on my quiz, it amazing to me that people read all this, but hey thats the way things are.

Created by: Stephen Lombardo

  1. Media is a word that describes
  2. Which is not a form of media?
  3. Which form of media came before television?
  4. Which media came after color television
  5. When was the first Macintosh in USA homes?
  6. What year was the first color motion picture?
  7. The first photograph was taken in the middle of which century?
  8. What recording artist was the first music ever CD released in 1984?
  9. The approximate cost of the first VCR machine in the early 1970's was...?
  10. The earliest form of media discovered was..?

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