Test your Hollister-knowledge!

Go shopping for an afternoon: many stores, many choices. Where shall we go first? Isn't it great that there are so many possibilities? And we just can't get enough: there will be always new cloths, new stuff that people want to have it.

Are you such a shopping freak? Then you will know everything about every brand and to make a selection, I choose for a populair American brand: Hollister. Come out shopping guru, do the test and enjoy!

Created by: Charlotte Wuyts
  1. Which of the brands in the list doesn't belong to the 'Hollister-family'?
  2. What can't Dudes buy in a Hollister-shop?
  3. In Belgium there are two Hollister-stores: you can find one in Wijnegem and the other one in ...?
  4. On the background of the site there are different animals. Which animal do you not see?
  5. What is the title for "the new looks of the season"?
  6. Which outfit of the summer collection for Betty's consists of a white short, a belt, a blue striped t-shirt, a dark blue suit jacket and flip flops?
  7. There are different top sizes for Dudes and there is even a chart of these sizes. Between which two numbers lies the size M for the 'international chest'?
  8. In how many countries in the Europe Region is it possible to ship your order to?
  9. What is the colour of the pants from the beachboy at the beginning (on the first picture) of the official Hollister-site?
  10. What's the symbol of this famous American brand?

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Quiz topic: Test my Hollister-knowledge!