Are you High Maintainence?

There are many types of people in the world. We have our cheap people, who are satisfied with pretty much anything. Then we have our middle class people, who have expensive taste but keeps it to a minimum. Then there are our the top dogs, the High Maintainenece people who need the top stuff all the time.

Which one are you? Are you Swapmeet-aholic, a shopping mall type person, or is it expensive department stores for you. Take this short quiz, and find out?

Created by: Ashley

  1. You're shopping in the mall, what store do you run in immediately?
  2. You need some new sneakers for school. What do you buy?
  3. You just came from the movies with your friends. Yall wanna go out to eat, what restaurant do you choose?
  4. How do you get home from school?
  5. You meet a new person, you think you could actually fall in love with them. They have a good personality, attractive, but they're broke as hell. What do you do?
  6. Its Halloween, and you and your friend are going to a costume party. He/she suggests you get your costume at the GoodWill.
  7. Its Christmas, and you have to buy your Aunt something. What do you buy?
  8. You receive socks for Birthday gift. In your head, you're thinking....
  9. You're in a hotel, and you see a roah crawling across the wall. How do you react?
  10. You're at a friend's house, and they ask what do you want for dinner. You say....

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Quiz topic: Am I High Maintainence?