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Dogs are wonderful creatures who share the world with humans. Every dog is different in some way, and many people like to share these differences. This is why I made this quiz.

If you like this quiz, then you can rate, comment, or both! You can also take the cat version of this quiz, Tell me about your cat. It is exactly the same except it is about cats.

Created by: SockoCat

  1. What pattern is your dog?
  2. What color is your dog?
  3. Where did your dog come from?
  4. What are your dog's ears like?
  5. What is your dog's eye color?
  6. What is your dog's tail like?
  7. How many legs does your dog have?
  8. Does your dog have a chronic disease like Diabetes?
  9. Is your dog a purebred or a mixed breed?
  10. Do you love your dog?

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Quiz topic: TELL ME ABOUT my DOG!