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  • Teen Love, Is your love real?
    Your Result: Its hard to tell 89%

    You and your sweeties seem so right at times but others you couldnt be more wrong you need to take the time to find out who eachother truely is and then you will have a clear answer to whether your love is true.

    20% Yes, True Love!
    0% Nope
    Awesome !

  • My love story is filled with only UNKNOWN letter frm 3 years we r loving each other but we dont know each others name r anything we r totally unknown for eachother iam waiting the moment when i will meet him and tell him i love u somuch thank u for ths quiz

  • um, so mine was 77% yes, 77% hard to tell, and 77% nope. correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that equal a lot more than 100

  • good quiz.

  • 80% yes 80% nope 20% hard to say 😂 I'm confused


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