Team Edward or Team Jacob??

Twilight is a big thing, we know this, but do you know if you belong on Team Edward or Team Jacob?? Take this quiz to find out who you should be rooting for... Even though we all know Edward wins.

If you don't know the Twilight series then I doubt you will get some of the stuff, but its more fun if you don't know how to answer it that way you answer truthfully and see where you REALLY belong. Oh and, Stay awesome my crazy people!!

Created by: Angelxxx
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  1. Werewolves or Vampires??
  2. Pale or Tan skin??
  3. I you had to choose between a pretty young brunett that can talk to you throught mind or an ugly older brunett that can sheild herself and you from harm, who would you choose??
  4. Always hot or always cold??
  5. With you boyfriend would you rather go to prom, with a broken leg, of stay at home, with a broken leg.
  6. Would you rather date someone you just met or someone you've known since childhood??
  7. Play Piano or Ride Motorbike??
  8. Have lots of male hot siblings and ok female ones or equal female and male hot siblings
  9. Comment??
  10. Enjoy the quiz???
  11. Bye!!

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