Team 3's Nutrition Quiz

Nutrition is the science that examines the relationship between diet and health. It's not just about choosing what food to eat; studying nutrition helps you to make great choices that lead to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Are you a nutrition expert, or just getting into it? Even if you're just a nutrition buff, you'll have fun and test your knowledge with this quiz. Good luck!

Created by: Team 3 of Nutrition Wiki
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  1. Which food group should a person get the most of?
  2. How many servings of fruit should a person eat in a day?
  3. True or false? One cup of chopped, cooked, or canned fruit equals one serving of fruit?
  4. What do vegetables provide the body in the way of nutrients?
  5. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are part of which food group?
  6. True of False? People who prefer not to eat meat can get the same nutrients from peanut butter.
  7. Fat intake should consist of less than what percentage of your total amount of food?
  8. Eating too much of what can be damaging to your heart?
  9. True or False? Polyunsaturated fats are best because you can digest and use them.
  10. The percent daily value is based on a diet consisting of how many calories?
  11. Complex carbohydrates give us what?
  12. Why is gaining too much weight bad?

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