Tatsuya and Bianca's Choco Quiz

There are many different kinds of chocolate factories. We chose the 3 most common factories in Hawaii. We want to give you a little impression of these three factories.

Are you a real chocolate Champion? Do you love chocolate? Do you know the three most famous chocolate factories? Try doing this quiz. It will be a lot of fun.

Created by: Bianca and Tatsuya

  1. When did Menehune Mac start their factory in Honolulu?
  2. What other products does Menehune Mac produce as well as choclate?
  3. How much does a tropical cookie cost at Menehune Mac?
  4. At what temperature does chocolate need to be stored at?
  5. Which 2 countries chocolate does Honolulu Chocolate Company use the most?
  6. What is the smallest box of chocolate that can be bought at Honolulu Chocolate Company?
  7. Which is the most expensive chocolate at Honolulu Chocolate Company?
  8. In addition to chocolate Hawaiian Host sells fruits. Which fruit?
  9. When did Hawaiian Host start their business?
  10. Where did Hawaiian Host they start their business?

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