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Hi, peeps. A LOT of us get bored... like that nice-looking couple up there. And we all need a good thing to make us.... well, not bored. And this quiz will do it.

WARNING: If you are in some sort of public or private motorized vehicle and you are bored, then this quiz is NOT for you. You need to be able to access a place where you have tons of room to move around, and not fall over because you're moving at high speeds.

Created by: Penelope Parrot

  1. First, get up and do three jumping jacks.
  2. Now run in place for ohhh.... two minutes.
  3. Now stretch out and read a bright, colorful, VERY SHORT book then come back.
  4. Go listen to a quick song you DISlike then come back.
  5. Touch you toes without bending your knees, then see if (without harming yourself!) you can bend backwards and touch the inside of your knees with your hands without falling over.
  6. Now stand in the most colorful room in your house and spin around as fast as you can for one minute.
  7. Quickly recite the hardest tongue-twister you know.
  8. Start a quick conversation with someone, and always make your sentence rhyme with whatever they just said. Then come back.
  9. Try and do five sit-ups without anyone on your feet.
  10. Ask Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or whatever you've got to tell you a joke.

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