Take this quiz if you are BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND!

At times, almost everyone is just bored out of their skull. It is a truly awful feeling! When there is absolutely nothing to to, and nobody seems to understand...

But there is hope! This quiz is made to help! With some fun and random questions, this quiz should be able to aid in helping the boredom! So, if you are bores, this quiz is for you.

Created by: Cat queen
  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. Which beverage do you want?
  3. How do you get chocolate milk?
  4. Pick a house:
  5. Happy birthday! How are you celebrating?🎁🎂🎈
  6. Fave color?
  7. Game night! What's first?
  8. Choose:
  9. Choose a cookie:
  10. Favorite type of tree?
  11. Choose:
  12. Choose an emoji
  13. Choose a meal! Your entree?
  14. And side?
  15. Dessert?
  16. Your element is _______.
  17. OK. Bye.

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Quiz topic: Take this quiz if you are BORED OUT OF my MIND!