Take The Quiz!!!

Are you going to take this quiz or are you not going to take this quiz that I have made for people to take. Please take the quiz. You will find out very soon... if you take it that is

This quiz is about a very secret thing and you must take it before you find out or you will answer differently! Because I am smart and I know what you will do you sneaky sneaker person!!

Created by: Lauren
  1. Hallo!!
  2. Pick a fake name!!
  3. Color?!
  4. Animal?!
  5. Music?!
  6. Do you like me? (friend way!!!)
  7. Will you sing for me?
  8. Make a funny face now! I will wait!..........................................did you make a face?
  9. Have you been nice to people?
  10. Do you like pie?
  11. Are you wondering what the heezy this quiz is about?
  12. Almost the last question. Do you like Frida Kahlo?
  13. Click one and you are done!

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