Take the Justin Bieber Quizz if you think you know him

If you realy think you know Justin Bieber you should try this quizz it tough but you will be excited when you find out you know more than half of the people who claim to be justin biebers fans,dont hasitate go for it, feel like you have known bieber forever.

Are you a true bieber fan not just a groopie? Do you know Justin bieber more than half of the world? Do you Qulify to be the #1 bieber fan take the top spot in just a few miniutes of fun and show the world your true colours.

Created by: Naledi

  1. At what age did justin start playing drums?
  2. who are justin closest friends?
  3. What was justin first song he could play on his guitar?
  4. Justin doesnt travel without his:
  5. who is justin obsessed with?
  6. what does justin like:
  7. what is behind justin`s invisalign smile
  8. what is justin favourite resturant?
  9. when did justin have his first kiss?
  10. what is justins horoscope
  11. what does he drive
  12. me and justin share the same favoutite colour witch is:

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