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Well I don't really know what to say. Basically, the instructions: click on answers you agree with... jk. Hm. Impatience is setting in. Why do they n-

eed two whole paragraphs?? Sorry about the space. XD. Just trying to use up more of the word count... Hope you're having a nice day! Sauron ouuuuuuut.

Created by: Sauron

  1. Well... how are you today?
  2. Good good... what time of day do you wish it was?
  3. What kind of music is your favorite, out of these?
  4. What kind of candy is your favorite?
  5. Do you absolutely loathe any of these songs? Heh heh
  6. What kind of weather is your favorite?
  7. How is your outlook on life at the moment?
  8. Choose a quote that (at least sort of... ha) inspires you! Also if you can guess who said what in the comments then you get the joy of guessing a quote... lol
  9. Where would you live if you could?
  10. Have a good day!

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