Symbiote Quiz: Placement/ Which Symbiote Would You Be

This quiz is about which symbiote represents you the most. Each symbiote is very unique. Here are some examples: Hybrid, Toxin, Venom, ext. ext. This quiz is specifically based on their true personalities. So it's pretty accurate.

In this quiz it shall tell you all you need. For instance, every answer has at least 2- 3 sentences giving it (I hope) a great and thorough description. So I say to you, "Enjoy."

Created by: Christopher a.k.a. The Fallen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whitch colors do you like best.
  2. Are you Good or Evil.
  3. Which do you admire the most.
  4. Who do you hate the most.
  5. Which name would you have.
  6. Which symbiote do you like best.
  7. Which game do you like better.
  8. What group of people are you in.
  9. If you were a symbiote who would you bond to.
  10. What name would you want for you and your symbiote.

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