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Hi! My name is Isaiah, this is my superhero quiz. (this is actually his sister writing this, but my brothers lazy so I gotta do the work, as in editing the results and all of that stuff -_-)

Anyways if you wanna friend us, here is our roblox accounts! Isaiah: antnozHis Sister (aka me): RedLovingAngel. Anyways do your best at this quiz and good luck I guess! This is my brothers first quiz :D

Created by: Isaiah

  1. what planet is superman from ?
  2. what is batmans parents names ?
  3. how old was spiderman when he got his powers ?
  4. when did the lego batman movie came out ?
  5. when did the lego ninjago movie come out ?
  6. who is sonic the hedgehogs best buddy ?
  7. how many chaos emeralds does sonic need to become super sonic ?
  8. whats marios brothers name
  9. how do you kill gombas from super mario world
  10. who is sonics worst enemy ?

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