super smash brothers brawl

i really like for you to take my quiz. a very easy quiz about the most wanted game super smash brothers brawl. i even want this for Christmas. many people say that they add this game to their christmas wish list. sadly they delay it but it will be a great game.

are you a super smash brothers brawl fan? try taking the quiz. if you one of the fans that know everything about super smash brothers brawlt then you should take this quiz

Created by: Eduardo Morin of smash brothers DOJO!!
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  1. who has a final smash called ''great aether''
  2. which assist trophy can be knocked out
  3. which pokemon comes out and eats any item it comes to
  4. what is Donkey kong's new color change
  5. (true or false) fox's final smash is called ''landmaster''
  6. when kirby inhales a foe and swallows he gets a hat. when he inhales diddy and swallows him what kind of hat does kirby gets
  7. super smash brothers brawl was delayed. it will now be launching on what date in the Americas
  8. when mew is summon from a poke' ball wha does mew do
  9. the characters have how many taunts?
  10. the ''Superspicy Curry'' item is from what series

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