Super Smash Bros Brawl Quiz

The Super Smash Bros Brawl quiz is here. See if you are a Brawl Geek or a Brawl Loser! If you are want to be a Brawl Geek be good! If you want to be a Brawl Loser , Wait no one will want to be that

Are YOU a Brawl Geek? Do you think you can do this quiz and its questions? If you want to its right here! Remember will you be a Happy Brawl Geek or a sad Brawl Loser?

Created by: Tyler
  1. Can you play with two players in Adventure Mode?
  2. What is the same about Link , Pit , Meta Knight and Ike?
  3. How many characters are from Zelda atm?
  4. What is Link's Looks from?
  5. What game is Samus from?
  6. What happens at the end of Samus's Final Smash?
  7. Are you allowed to choose a diffrent colour for your character in the game?
  8. How many characters have had " Name , Joins the Brawl?
  9. Is Sonic in the game?
  10. Is Tails in the game atm?
  11. What does Yoshi's Final Smash do?
  12. What does Sonic say on his video?

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