super hard phineas and ferb quiz

once upon a time there was a unicorn who loved twisty shells. he wanted more so he climed a rainbow. then he slipped and broke his horn. OH NO! then milo the mouse came and fixed his horn. then he ate milo the mouse. the end

there making me write these paragraphs and i dont reely know what to say. do you know alot about phineas and ferb? do you even know what it is? find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. what color r phineas's shorts?
  2. hoo is phineas?
  3. phineas and ferb just got robbed. OH NO!!!!!!! how would they react?
  4. hey ferb, i know what were gonna do today!
  5. people not only type up words but they also type up smiley faces. which smiley face looks like ferb?
  6. well maybe ferb has his "smiley" but what about the character bot from team umistupid?
  7. pick a song lyric. any of the below. there all in the same song but not in that order
  8. is phineas and ferb's mom a boy or a girl?
  9. did mickey mouse say what the and then the reely bad f word?
  10. aaaahhhhhhhh! a tornado is coming our way!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!
  11. if u picked the last answer choice that waz pretty offensive.

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