Super cool Ranma 1/2 quiz

They are many types of smart things! I picked a quiz that will let you know how much you like Ramna or how much you know about it! Your lucky to have someone that knows Ranma!!

Do YOU know Ramna 1/2?! Do you have what it takes to be the best Ramna knower in the world?! Then go ahead! Try my super awesome cool great the best quiz just to find out!

Created by: tomboys

  1. One question, Have you even seen Ranma 1/2?
  2. okay
  3. What happens when Ranma falls into the wanter of Jesankeo?
  4. Does Akane Love Ranma?
  5. What is Ranma's biggest fear?
  6. Who likes Ranma Boy side but hates Ranma's girl side?
  7. Who cuts Akane's hair when in battle?
  8. What color is Ranma's hair [Boy side]
  9. Why do people fight Akane at school
  10. What color is Shampoo's hair?
  11. Ready for result?!

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