summer camp love story part 4

ok people sorry it took me so long to make this one......... i havent had alot spare time...but i got it done.....and yea i hope you peoples like it =D!!

lol sooo yea....i was listening to f---en perfect by p!nk while making i love that song.....but i'm getting off topic lol hope ya peoples like it =D!!!

Created by: cantstoplaughing

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  1. You walk over to the pool and see........
  2. you look into the water and see a blur of black.....then chris pops out of the water (shirtless) and see you..."oh, hey ______ :)....what are you doing here?" "I was gonna see what was in the water...sorry if i bothered you..." "oh no you didnt bother me :).....wanna come for a swim????"
  3. you take your clothes off (you have a bathing suit on under) and you jump right in. You and chris swim for about a half an hour....then outta no were, chris starts to kiss you...:).....a minute or two later he stops and stairs into your (smiling as big as you can) hear something coming from the forest area......
  4. you cant see anything farther than the deck of the pool so you get kinda worried....(chris doesnt see it) chris looks confused and asks " ok??? you seemed.....well...confused..." you say "oh...sorry, yea i'm ok...i just have the weirdest feeling that were being watched..." you and chris get out of the pool and are walking back to the cabins...when.....
  5. Richard(of coarse) jumps outta no were and pushes Chris away from you. then he grabs you and starts making out with you!! (yuck!) you are kicking and slapping him but he isnt getting off of you....Chris gets back up and then rips Richard off of you and starts beating the living s--- out of him...
  6. when chris stops richard jumps up and runs as fast as he can smile at chris and say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" you were so happy you kissed him and said you had to go but you would see him in the moring....Chris smiling a huge smile says ok ;) cya later and runs to his cabin.
  7. your on your bunk and you cant sleep so you try texting someone...cameron is still up so you talk to him for a little...he tells you that tomorrow that people will be able to adopt a animal for there get really happy...text cameron goodngiht and fall asleep
  8. ok i'm gonna end it there...sorry this one is kinda crapy but yea....random questions!!
  9. do you like the singer p!nk????
  10. who do you love???

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