stereotype quiz

in this quiz i will see if u are a nerd a normal person a jock or a prep or maybe even a really freaky goth dude no offense to anyone out their and if there are complaints email me at [no emails] you should get a PERFECT RESULT

you migh just be too smart or too anoying or just a jerk or a dork but i don't care but if u do then u can see right now if u are wat u think u are and if you are good for u but please email me im bored [no emails]

Created by: tjsnuff

  1. you wear ........ clothing
  2. what would you rather do
  3. favorite color
  4. favorite hang out place
  5. favorite type of music
  6. favorite band
  7. what do you think of yourself
  8. do u think this quiz is awesome
  9. how many friends do u have
  10. do u hate me
  11. is this quiz done

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