Standardist or Advancist?

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This is a quiz for all members of the Ninzard League community. This will help in determining your ideological stance and hopefully assist in your decisions for voting in future elections.

At the end of the quiz, you will end up with one of five political results: StandardistModerate StandardistTrue ModerateModerate AdvancistAdvancistAn explanation for your ideology will appear at the end of the quiz. For further information, visit Ninzard Wiki.

Created by: Ninzard Committee of Ninzard Wiki
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  1. I support Synjex's policy of keeping Nightwork closed.
  2. Online wars are stupid.
  3. The community should focus on increasing more members.
  4. Zapreverser needed to do more in dismantling the predatory Underground.
  5. People who break the rules have no place in the community.
  6. We should be trying to bring back how the community was like in 2017.
  7. Populist BobaBase politicians like Rony, MonsterDobbs, and Rico should NOT be competing in gubernatorial elections.
  8. What's more important? Increasing activity or increasing members?
  9. Every district should be kept open for the public.
  10. Not enough members are being invited right now.
  11. Activity is not being managed properly right now.
  12. I do not like the current atmosphere of the Nightwork community.
  13. BobaBase is a hivemind and has too much control over our elections.
  14. Nightwork-Main is a hivemind and has too much control over our elections.

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