Staff position on the site

Do want become a staff member on our site. please take this simple knowledge of our site. I hope you see on the list of possible candidates would like be good Staff member on our site

Do you have the knowledge of the site to come good role model/staff member. Please do you best on this simple quiz. Once you past this test. you come one step closer to becoming Staff member

Created by: Angelty of shoujo otk
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is prime function of the site
  2. Have you had knowledge current Staff members
  3. How do you report a user?
  4. Whichg is the best way get hold of staff member
  5. What if a fellow member is annoying you, what is fist thing you do
  6. How do you view Staff member list
  7. What is first Rule of site
  8. What is the second Rule of the site
  9. What is back seat moderating
  10. How do you edit your profile
  11. Do you have knowledge of basic Moderating taskes
  12. do you have basic knowledge of what Does Admin/founder tasks do?

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