Speak By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Welcome to my quiz! Are you a true Speak fanatic? Well take this test and see, don't be discouraged you will do fine all you have to do is believe in your self.

If you are reading this than that means that you are about to take this quiz. Relax it doesn't go towards your grade or anything, it is just for fun. Unless your teacher gave this to you to see if you read the book. In that case relax.

Created by: Briannah Rose Larsen

  1. Who is the main character in Speak?
  2. What happened at the end of the year party?
  3. Who destroyed Andy's life?
  4. Who drove Melinda and Rachel to the party?
  5. Who stood up for the whole class when Mr. Neck was about to cut a conversation because it didn't go the way he planed?
  6. What happened to Andy at prom?
  7. What happened the second to last day of school?
  8. Why did everyone stay away from Melinda?
  9. Who did Melinda tell about what happened at the party?
  10. Why isn't Heather Melinda's best friend?

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