Sorting hat quiz

Ok , I know what you are thinking . " not another sorting hat quiz . I'm sick and tired of these " but this one is worth it . It shows which house you belong to using the proper sorting hair qualities

Do you belong in Ravenclaw , Slytherin , Hufflepuff or Gryffindor . After taking just 13 easy questions you can find out . But no mater which house , you will find happiness,

Created by: Angela

  1. Which is your favorite Hogwarts teacher
  2. Which quality is most important to you ?
  3. Who is your favorite triwizard champion
  4. What would see in the mirror of erised ?
  5. How do you feel about muggle borns, squibs and muggles ?
  6. What would be the reason you would go to Azkaban ?
  7. What would be your favourite triwizard task ?
  8. What would you do if you were judging the case of Harry Potter in the 5th book ?
  9. What would you use liquid luck (Felix felices) for ?
  10. What would be your favorite color
  11. Which is your favorite deathly hallow ?

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