Something special for a special someone.

The secret of the NutriBullet is its powerful 600 watt motor combined with bullet cyclonic action that forces everything through the turbo extractor blades at an incredible 20,000 RPM breaking down and pulverising stems, seeds and skins where some of the usually neglected essential nutrition lies.

So! Zac, this is a special thing for you. I hope you like it, and tell me what you thought of it on the forums. If you are jot zac, then comment on what you thought!

Created by: Saara_K

  1. Firstly, this is for someone special. Zac. (Imafancyjag/canadalover55)
  2. Zac, you are a wonderful friend.
  3. You are very supportive
  4. You always make me smile with your jokes about relationships
  5. You are my soulmate, my other half
  6. You always compliment me
  7. We have never seen each others faces, only in photos, but you still say i am cute.
  8. Hang on...
  9. Wait...
  10. Read the description of your answer

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