Somehow They're Alive (part 23)

Okay, I have a big surprise coming up in this part. I don't think you'd in any way expect this to happen, but it's happening anyway. After reading....

please leave your comments. I want to know your thoughts. Also, even though they haven't found Josephine yet, they will. I can promise you that. Enjoy the story! :P

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Ryan's Point of View*** Seeing the distruction of this house, combined with the fact that Sapphire took Audrey, tells me that Sapphire's time in prison hasn't changed her a bit. In fact, I would say that she's gotten worse. It seems like she's gone from being evil but sane to a loose cannon ready to attack. However, nobody seems worried about the house right now. "We have to get help! Sapphire might kill that girl if we don't do something!" says Jaslina's dad. "Help?" says Chuck. "Where are we supposed to get help in the middle of the night and in rainstorm?! I mean we can try, but who knows how long this will take us!" I'm turn to say something to Jaslina only to realize that she's no longer standing next to me. Unlike everyone else, I notice the car keys are missing off of the hook by the door. At first this alarms me, but seeing Jaslina's blonde persona out in the driveway makes me understand. I slip unnoticed into the driveway after her.
  2. ***Jaslina's Point of View***“Jaslina, what are you doing?” Ryan’s voice cuts through the thick storm like a siren. I push a soaked lock of hair out of my face and turn to look at him. He too is starting to get drenched from head to toe. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to catch up with Sapphire!” “Are you crazy?” he shouts. “I don’t want you to get killed! Have you no idea how dangerous this is?” “And have you no idea how much danger Audrey is in right now? With the loss of our phones and the house phones we’d have to go into town to call someone like my dad said. There’s no time for that! Audrey could be killed if we don’t take immediate action.” “Going into town would be immediate action, Jaslina!” “It’s a forty-five minute trip! In this rain and with the dirt road the time could double! By the time we get to town Audrey could be dead!” Ryan’s speechless. “Ryan, if we leave now there’s still time to catch her. If we wait any longer the opportunity could slip through our fingers.” The speechlessness quickly dissolves. “What you say is true. Come on, let’s go.” A smile of relief comes to my face. “You’re being serious?” “Yes, as long as I can drive.” I toss the keys at him. “Very well. Now let’s catch up before they get too far away.”
  3. Soon we discover that the roads have turned from dirt to mud. Sapphire couldn’t have made it too far in this weather. Right now going over the speed limit would be complete suicide. I guess that’s why I’ve got my legs curled under me in the passenger seat. Even though Ryan’s doing the speed limit it still feels too fast. What am I saying? Twenty miles under the limit might feel too fast. “Ryan, can you slow down a bit? It feels like you’re going too fast.” “I’m going as fast as I can without putting us in danger. If I go to slow we won’t ever catch them.” “You don’t suppose that Sapphire’s doing under the speed limit?” “With a kidnap victim in the backseat of a stolen car? Not a chance.” For a while there’s no talking between us. All we do is drive and keep a nervous eye out for Sapphire. It’s difficult in the dark and rain, but eventually it starts to let up and we have only the darkness and a slight drizzle to deal with. At least this way we’ll actually be able to see taillights. The last thing we need is for it to rain again. After a while I start to feel like it’s hopeless, but I still don’t say anything. About five minutes later, I’m extremely glad that I kept my mouth shut, because I see the bright glow of taillights up ahead. “Ryan, I see them!” I say. “I see them too!” “Step on it!” He really does step on it, because we’re soon right up behind them. We’re so close that I can see Sapphire’s face in one of her car mirrors. She sees us just as well, because then she doubles in speed. She goes so fast that water sprays up in the air from the tires and she starts to fishtail a little bit. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s more than a little bit.
  4. “Oh, gosh,” says Ryan. “She’s going way too fast. She has to slow down before she gets herself killed.” Ryan starts to speed up too, but he’s not going nearly as fast as Sapphire. Right now the vehicle is shuddering like she’s struggling to keep control of it. I just know that this isn’t safe; especially now in the dark and rain and on a dirt road in the middle of the woods. Then, just as fate would have it, the drizzle again turns into a storm. She still hasn’t slowed down either. In a most likely futile effort to get her to slow down, I stick my head out the window. “Sapphire!” I shout. “Sapphire, slow down! It isn’t safe to be going this fast in this kind of weather!” She answers with a gunshot the barely misses my ear. It was so close that I could feel the rush of it. Ryan pulls me back into the vehicle by the hem of my shirt. “Are you nuts?! She almost shot you!” “Well, I’m sorry for trying to make your sister listen to reason.” “You should be! She’ll never listen! She—“ He stops his sentence due to the shattering of our rearview mirror and the sound of more gunfire. As if by magic, she misses the windshield and the windows. All she accomplishes is running out of ammunition. I release a breath that I’d been holding for seemingly all night. “What a relief,” I say. “I knew that she’d have to run out of ammo at some point.” Ryan says nothing. All he does is pull off on the side of the road, step out of the car and shut the door silently. Confused I do the same. “Ryan?” I ask “What’s wrong?” He still doesn’t speak. He just points up the road. I look in the direction that he’s indicating and I’m dumbfounded. Everything I’m watching happens in an instant, but it looks like it’s happening in slow motion.
  5. Sapphire must’ve been hanging out of the driver’s side window to shoot at us, because that’s where she’s sitting now. On top of the driver’s side window hanging on for dear life as the vehicle spins out of her control at an extreme speed. However, her hand soon loses its grip on the slippery metal bars on top of the car and she goes flying. I have no idea how far she gets flung, but I’m guessing she was thrown for between ten and twelve yards. A lump forms in my throat as I watch her small delicate body fly almost thirty-five feet, smack mercilessly into a huge trunked tree, and then roll to the side of the muddy street. When the vehicle she was driving spins into the ditch and is crushed by a large falling tree I’m openly crying and so is Ryan. The only difference is that Ryan is running toward Sapphire and I’m just standing here like a statue. I shake it off and follow him. A few seconds later I’m crouched beside him and his sister. Her head is cracked opened and bloody while her arm dangles in an awkward position. The rest of her is wet and coated in mud and grass. Now that I look at her again, her foot must be broken too, because it’s completely backward. Now Ryan is holding her in his arms. “Sapphire,” he says through the tears. “Sapphire can you hear me? It’s your brother, Ryan. Please answer me, Sapphire, please!” Now I’m crying so hard that I can hardly breathe and everything is blurry through tears. However, I can still see Ryan as puts forefinger and middle finger to her wrist and then to the main vein of her neck. As he does so he’s practically gasping for air. In a last ditch effort he lifts his ear to her chest in hope of hearing a heartbeat. He sits there for ten seconds trying to listen. Finally he embraces her and wails harder than before. His weeping can be heard easily through the storm. “She’s gone, Jaslina,” Ryan manages. “My sister’s dead!” I know that my words can be of no comfort to him, so I hug him and sob with him. “I didn’t mean it, Sapphire! When I said you’d get yourself killed I didn’t mean it! It was only an expression! Oh, I’m sorry, Sapphire! I’m so sorry!” Together we sit there feeling sad and empty on the side of the road in the rain. It rips out my heart to think about where Sapphire Caroga’s soul must be. Then I think of how angry Lily would be at me for mourning over the girl who almost killed me three minutes ago.
  6. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I don't know what to do now other than cry. Cry over my evil, phscyopathic, sister than lies limp in my arms. For as long as I've know my sister I never would've imagined she'd go down like this. I'd always thought that she'd have more sense than to do over the speed limit in a rain storm. In the end she had to pay the ultimate price for her deeds. I just never thought that I'd have to watch it happen. The only thing I can feel right now are Jaslina's hugs and her tears raining down with mine. "Oh, Sapphire," I whisper through the rain, "why couldn't you see the light the same time as me? You'd be so much better off right now."
  7. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Chuck, my father, and the others found us not too long after the car accident. When we told them all that had happened Chuck drove off to get the police and an ambulance while the others stayed with us. Nobody really said anything. All we could do was gather around Ryan as he sat there cradling Sapphire’s lifeless corpse. After everything she’d done it’s hard to imagine anybody being sad over her death. But Ryan is. And I am. So are a few of the others. What a waste of a human life form, though. What a waste. She never even had time to pull herself together. The emergency team got to the spot we were waiting about an hour later. Surprisingly, they didn’t have to pry Ryan’s sister out of his arms. Ryan handed Sapphire over when they asked him to. Everyone could tell that he didn’t want to let go, but he still managed to make himself. However, they did have to pry opened the car completely crushed by the tree. It took the Jaws of Life and some chainsaws, but they managed to get Audrey out alive. Other than her twisted left foot that needs minor surgery, she’s perfectly intact. She’s shaken up a bit, but that’ll get better with time. Landon, on the other hand, isn’t fine. He isn’t fine at all. The tree hit toward the middle of the car where he was tied up, gagged, and on the floor. It almost crushed him completely. By some sort of miracle, he’s actually made it. Yes, he’s alive, but just barely. Most of the doctors don’t think he’s got a chance of survival. He has so many broken bones that it’ll take a year for them all to heal up. One of his lungs was punctured as well, and they had to reattach an arm; it was just hanging there by the skin of his forearm. However, none of this is why he might die. According to the doctors, his heart and his central nervous system got severely damaged and this will most likely be his downfall.
  8. I feel the sting of hot tears against the insides of my eyelids at the thought. I try to hold them back, but they come as usual. Unable to sit any longer I stand up and pace the floor of the hospital. The hallway is long, narrow, and overly bright due to the lighting. Out the window, I can see the sun is starting to set. We’ve been here since the car accident last night. Now a whole day has passed and the sun is leaving us once more. Some of us are at the motel across the street that Chuck and Michiko offered to pay for. By some of us, I just mean my dad and Chuck. Michiko, Ryan, Jay, Rayla, Tammy, and I are all here sitting in chairs near Audrey and Landon’s rooms. For some reason the hospital staff hasn’t kicked us out yet. I don’t think that they’re going to either. “All of you have been here for a long time. The staff has noticed, and we’re wondering if you might want some food.” I turn to see a tall blonde nurse wearing purple scrubs and pushing a cart filled with dinner trays. “It depends on how much it costs,” says Jay. “Don’t worry about that. It’s on us,” the nurse says with a smile. “Really?” we ask. “Yes. You may each take one.” We thank the kind lady and help ourselves. It’s only when I start eating my chicken that I realize I’m starving. I don’t think I’ve eaten since yesterday. Neither have the rest of us, for that matter. For some reason she hasn’t left us yet. Once she pulls out a clipboard we understand why. “You are the party for Audrey MacDermott and Landon Johnson aren’t you? I just need to double check.” “Yes.” She flips through some of the thick stack of papers.“In that case, I have some updates for you. Ms. Rowe, your father has asked the hospital to make some new arrangements. Your mother, a Marianne Rowe, is coming to Ireland. Her flight arrives in Killarney at three o’clock tomorrow. We’ve arranged for a taxi to pick her up and bring her to your hotel.” This news surprises me. I know that dad wanted to see mom, but I had no idea that he’d do this. I don’t mind it though. After everything I’ve been through I actually want to let my mommy give me a long warm hug.
  9. “Ms. Rowe? Did you hear me?” “Yes, ma’am, I heard. Marianne Rowe is indeed my mother. I’ll be at the motel to meet her.” “Very good, then.” To Ryan she says, “Mr. Caroga, we contacted the FBI of the United States about your sister’s death. You’re allowed to have a small gathering for a memorial service, but they’re unsure if you’d want to accept their offer. Of course, whether you accept their offer or not, they do want to give you her urn after her cremation.” You can tell he’s struggling to hold back tears. “That sounds fine. I’ll show up at a memorial service, and I will take the urn.” Attempting a comforting smile, she replies, “Okay. Once the representatives from the FBI get here you can inform them yourself.” “I don’t mean to interrupt,” says Rayla, “but do you have any new on how Audrey and Landon are doing?” “Yes I do. I was just getting to that. Sadly, Mr. Johnson hasn’t improved any. On the bright side he hasn’t worsened either. We’re unsure yet whether or not he’ll stabilize and recover or if his heart will give out completely. I’m sorry that there is no better news regarding him.” “So, Landon’s pretty much the same as he was yesterday?” Jay asks. “Yes, I’m afraid so. Ms. MacDermott, on the other hand, is prepped and ready for surgery. However, there is one minor difficulty.” “What’s that?” asks Tammy. “It’s noting overly major. The problem we’re having is with Audrey’s blood type. She’ll need a blood donor for the surgery, but her type is O-negative which happens to be very rare. We’re not sure if we have enough O-negative blood to go through with the surgery right now.”
  10. “Oh. Will you get any more?” “That’s what we’re hoping for. By next week there should be plenty. Yet again, should is the key word. Even if it looks like we’re going to have more there’s always the chance that we might not. Until we get more I guess the surgery is on hold.” After a slight pause, “Well, those are all of the updates I have for now. Perhaps you should go to your motel after your dinner and get some sleep. You must be exhausted.” The gleaming smile on her face betrays the concern lining her eyes as she walks briskly away from us with the cart in tow. All of us are silent at the thought that there’s nothing we can do to assist Landon’s possible recovery. I twinge at the word possible. It tells me that he might not get any better. He might die on us after everything he’s done to help us. And Audrey, just because she has a rare blood type it might take her weeks to get the surgery she needs on her ankle. The only good thing is that her life isn’t at stake. It still isn’t fair that the surgery has to wait. I take my plastic fork and shove a big piece of baked chicken into my mouth. As I’m sitting in this hallway chewing slightly overcooked food and listening to the bitter silence, it hits me like lightning. I can’t help Landon in any way, but I can help Audrey. I can help her majorly. I set my dinner tray in my chair and dash after the nurse. My friends are staring at me with raised brows, but I couldn’t care less. “Nurse, wait! I just remembered something!” “Really? If it’s something that could be helpful tell me,” she sounds more like she’s humoring me than anything. “I’ve donated blood at my school a few times in the past. According to the American Red Cross, I’m O-negative. Would you be willing to accept a blood donation from a foreigner?” At my words she laughs with relief, and drags me by the arm down the hallway. “Yes, of course we will! Please come with me.” A doctor walks off of the elevator at the end of the hallway. Before the man even has time to blink, the nurse shouts, “Doctor, we might not have to put the MacDermott surgery on hold! We’ve found an O-negative donor!”

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