Some People Are Idiots

Let's face it. We always seem to be surrounded by idiots. We roll our eyes at them, sigh heavily, and wonder why we have to deal with them. There are even times when their words and actions annoy and completely confuse us.

Sadly, not all of us know who to deal with the idiots in our lives. The first step is to identify if we ourselves are guilty of this social crime. But take this quiz and reveal whether are not you should be throwing the first stone.

Created by: Drought Tolerant

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  1. It bothers you when people don't do what you want.
  2. Your bestfriend says something hurtful to you, but it's not for sure he/she meant it on purpose, you...
  3. An argument errupts. You are obviously right, but no one is on your side.
  4. You had awesome plans to go out, but then get stuck babysitting your little cousins.
  5. Someone is trying to pick a fight with you for, appearently, no reason. You...
  6. Your friend takes your crush to a dance, you...
  7. Someone is trying to make drama in your group of friends, you...
  8. A friend of a friend is always mooching off someone whenever you go out. But telling this person anything will make it awkward between your friend and you.
  9. Your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. How do you respond?
  10. So far you have been very upset with this quiz and you might not like your results.

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