are you an idiot?

Worldwide must know information! Deadly disease taking the lives of millions! Identify the carriers and slaughter them in their sleep! Learn the characteristics here!

Ever wonder? Why do people laugh at you? Why do your friends scrape you of their tongue when you're not looking? I have your answers, however unpleasant they may be.

Created by: Daniel

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  1. How often do you admire yourself in the mirror?
  2. How much activity do you have with the opposite sex?
  3. Being honest, what is your basic body structure?
  4. Have you ever said hurtful things to someone else only because someone was watching? Not because you liked/disliked the other person?
  5. Right now, what would be your prefered beverage?
  6. If you were going to get a tattoo, which of these would you most likely get?
  7. If you were going to get a tattoo, where on your body would you have it put?
  8. Do you consider yourself "hip", "cool", or otherwise up-to-date with your fashion generation?
  9. When you are driving, what is your casual behavior?
  10. The dreaded disease of the dumb@ss is very common all over the world. This disease is merciless and spreads quickly. Although it is dominant among males, it has cursed many women. The disease is invisible, those who have it dont know they do. Their ignora

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Quiz topic: Am I an idiot?