storage nappy do's

ok so i was wondering if anyone knows the answers to these questions... i need to know so tell me your result and i'll let you know if you are close to being correct.. if your not then i guess your just as dumb as me..

So do you think you can conquer this quiz and make me look like an idiot? if so this then take it and maybe you will make me look like an idiot... or maybe your gonna join me in the idiot ranking that is we

Created by: Ziooci

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is Joe's cat's name?
  2. What is joe's name?
  3. what is joe's favorite brand of deodorant
  4. What is Joe's Quote that he says a lot?
  5. Whats Joe's favorite band?
  6. Who is Joe?
  7. are you sick of questions about Joe?
  8. name your favorite
  9. Finish this sentence: I'm as free as a bird now...
  10. Lexmark is
  11. Al Pacino stared in which of these movies?
  12. you dropped your pocket
  13. The Album "Strange Days" is by?

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