Solar System Quiz

You may be among many experts in the facts about our solar system. There are many people that know something about our Solar System, But. What do you know.

What do you know? take this quiz and find out if you are a true "Pro" or a true "Por" in your knowledge of the solar system. Take my quiz and find out what you know.

Created by: Jarod Strube of Jarzzapan
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  1. What is the order of planets by distance FROM the sun?
  2. Which planet is the hottest?
  3. Which is the biggest Dwarf Planet?
  4. Which is the biggest Moon?
  5. What is the name of our moon?
  6. How big is Jupiter's spot?
  7. Can bacteria survive in the blankness of outer space?
  8. "True or False" Earth is smaller than Mars.
  9. The ____ is the layer of the sun we see.
  10. What is the closest Dwarf planet to Earth?
  11. What planet classification is Earth?
  12. What planet classification is Jupiter?

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