Social Credit Test

Here is YOUR social credit test! Do well and you may be able to join our glorious CCP! The leady awaits your service for our great country. I expect you studied for the test!

But if you don't then the leader will have strong woods for you and your execution will be arranged immediately upon the completion of the test. Don't back out either, the CCP is always watching.

Created by: Xi jinpang
  1. Do you like America?
  2. How many ketchup packets do you take at McDonald's?
  3. What happened Tiananmen Square in 1989?
  4. How many children can you have?
  5. How often do you iron your shirts?
  6. Are you gay?
  7. Are you black?
  8. How hood are you?
  9. Who looks like winnie the poo?
  10. Are you willing to die for China?

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