Soccer Player's Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of various soccer players. Questions asked include ones in regards to player nationality, previous clubs, and records.

Think you can pass this test and prove you really DO know everything there is to know about the game? Want to prove to your friends that you know more than they do? Then take this quiz to find out.

Created by: All About Soccer Now
  1. Kaka used to play for which Brazilian team before joining AC Milan in 2003?
  2. Which of these German striker’s were actually born in Poland?
  3. Men’s Swedish international Fredrik Ljungberg and women’s Swedish international Hannah Ljungberg are related in which way?
  4. Which of these 2 player’s nations jointly held the 2002 World Cup?
  5. Which three players were in the Brazil team for the 2006 World Cup?
  6. Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia is which nationality?
  7. Arsenal’s Francesc Fabregas came from the youth set-up of which famous Spanish Club?
  8. USA forward Landon Donovan has played for which two German clubs?
  9. Which player scored Arsenal’s goal in the 05/06 Champions League Final against Barcelona to make it 1-0 despite going down to 10 men earlier in the match?
  10. France international midfielder Franck Ribery played for which Turkish club?
  11. Italy and Juventus midfielder Mauro Camoranesi is of what heritage?
  12. Which Greek striker scored the winning goal for Greece in the Euro 2004 Final against Portugal?
  13. Which South Korean forward scored the Golden Goal that knocked Italy out of the 2002 World Cup and was later sacked by his Italian club Perugia after the club president said he had “ruined Italian football”?
  14. Former French international midfielder and soccer legend Zinedine Zidane is of what decent?
  15. Which Serbia striker had a short spell at English Premier League side Chelsea?

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