So you want to learn to speak gibberish?

So you wanna speak gibberish? Well I'm goin to tell you right now that gibberish is a dumb old language made up by a random kid, spoken by my fifth grade teacher, and is completely AWESOME.

Anyways, I hope I explained it clearly enough for you to understand, if I didn't, please feel free to rant and race in the comments box! Thank you very much for taking the quiz

Created by: sprite101

  1. You ready? To speak giberish, we are going to start with the word "cat". Learn it. (no effect)
  2. Notice how it starts with a "C". The giberish word will start with "Cuh" since we always put "Uh" in front of the letter.
  3. Good! I love clowns.
  4. Now, we will put "the" in the middle, as in every one-syllable word.(no effect)
  5. Cuh-the. Okay, now we will put a G in front of the remaining letters. Cat becomes Cuh-the-gat. Say it. (no effect)
  6. If cat is Cuh-the-gat, and dog is Duh-the-gog, what is tree? Hint: the first two letters aren't vowels. It will roll smoother if you start it with "Truh".
  7. Truh the gee= tree. Let's do two syllables! Treat it as two separate words. Moun and Tain. Muh the Goun tuh the Gain
  8. Let's try "shopping". Remember the rule about putting the first "non-vowel" letters together! Also- for syllables or words starting with vowels just start it with "uh".
  9. Now you know the formula, you can make any word! I hope you had fun.
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  12. Bye!

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