So you think you know your cat!

The Ultimate Cat Quiz! Discover whether you are as clever as a cat or as dumb as a brush about your domestic pet! Answer the cat quiz to see if you really know your cat - So you think you know your cat!

This Cat Quiz will show whether you are a 'cat napper' or if you are truly on the ball with regard to your cat! Answer these questions to discover more about cats and their peculiarities

Created by: Loretta Maria Kay of Loretta Maria Kay
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  1. If your cat is hungry does she/he
  2. What cat has no tail?
  3. What colour of cat is considered lucky for some, and ill-fated for others?
  4. What breed of cat has only the undercoat and no guard hair (clue is in the blog!)
  5. What type of cat is the most popular oriental breed?
  6. In which Ancient Culture were cats worshipped?
  7. What is a cat's natural food?
  8. What is the average life span of a cat
  9. How many lives does a cat have supposedly?
  10. What colour cat is hard of hearing?
  11. If a cat's tail is up with the tip turned over, is it

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Quiz topic: So you think you know my cat!