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This is a quiz about skylanders. It involves all of the games like ( trap team , swap force , imaginators, super chargers and spyros adventure ) there is only 12 questions . There is no swearing or bad language in this quiz..

I do not accept mean comments like " this quiz is trash " I accept I liked it or it was ok or it was bad. That's all you need to know about this quiz bye !

Created by: Calum
  1. what doomraider is fake ?
  2. What element is fake ?
  3. What villain is fake?
  4. What is the genies name that gives you upgrades ?
  5. What is Kaos sidekick / minion called
  6. How many skylander games are made ? ( it's 2018)
  7. Who does nightshade look like and what is he !
  8. Who's a fake skylander
  9. Who's also a fake skylander
  10. Who's also a fake skylander?
  11. Who's not a portal master?
  12. Who does luminous transform into to trick the skylanders
  13. Did you like this quiz? ( you have to say yes otherwise you will get a bad score ) I'm joking
  14. Bye !

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