Skillet song lyrics? (Alien Youth--Rise)

Do you know skillet lyrics really well? I love skillet and there aren't nearly enough skillet quizes on here to keep me busy. so i made one. enjoy it!

Just match the line with the song. okay, one of them is a finish the line one, but whatever. go on: release your inner panhead! c'mon, I know you have one.

Created by: Carrie J

  1. "All alone lost in this abyss crawling in the dark, nothing to wet my longing lips and I wonder where you are"
  2. "There's something deep inside that keeps my faith alive when all you can do is hide from the fear that's deep inside of you"
  3. "I lie here paralytic inside this soul screaming for you till my throat is numb"
  4. "You think you're gonna hurt me get ready to get dirty you created this beast inside"
  5. "Do you know what its like when your not who you want to be do you know what its like to be your own worst enemy?"
  6. "Angry words and honking cars satellites and falling stars"
  7. "Come with us if you want to live"
  8. "Turned on the TV yesterday so much pain bleeding through I had to look away"
  9. "You can't take away my pride I won't be denied nothing left to fight..."
  10. "Despair you come to me with your poison and your misery" (everyone gets this one wrong)
  11. "More than a man more than a man more than a man."
  12. "I'm more nothing than being this is my legacy"
  13. "If I wasn't here tomorrow would anybody care" (first time I heard this song I cried)

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