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"Hello my friends! Do you have the ability to check your brain in Maths? Come on and take this challenge and let's see how well is your brain in this subject. Good luck!"

"Do you think you are a genius? Do you want to check your brainpower? This is a quiz on Maths that will help you to increase your brainpower and IQ power. Until you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes you will find out."

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Find-19*2=2*?
  2. What is 12+12+12=?
  3. The product of two rational numbers is-15/32. If one of them is-5/4,find the other.
  4. By what number must -81/125 be divided to get -12/25?
  5. With what number should -33/50 be multiplied to get -22/35?
  6. If the rational number Y is the reciprocal of another rational number X, then Xí·Y=1.
  7. The sum of two rational numbers is -7/16. If one of them is -5/8,find the other.
  8. If X is a rational number and -10/17+x=-10/17-x, find X.
  9. What must be added to -19/30 so as to get 11/15?
  10. Simplify: 2/5+(-3/8)-5/6

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