Shoutout Quiz!!!

SHOUTOUT QUIZ I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!i think of all you guys as my GTQ family and you're all awesome :D (more words bc there's a min word count AA)

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ YAYYYYYYYYYYY Shoutout Quiz yay ok please i hate word counts AAAAAAAAAAAA omfg i hate this omg omg omg omg eeeeeeeeee yesssssss

Created by: P4ND4_L0V3R
  1. First, to Espie bc she's awesome, funny, and just awesome!
  2. Denis- You are very funny and just cool to talk to!
  3. third. to LittleNerd! I love roleplaying with you and you're AWESOME! (Also i will try to respond more to our rps)
  4. TREM!!!! Awesome person and really fun to talk to :D (*cough* Reese can't speak to people in a car that he wasn't even in *cough*)
  5. MTMothkey- I know you aren't here, but you were really fun to rp with and i miss you.
  6. Toga- Still mad at you for tricking me /j. GET GRAMMARLY AAAA
  7. Foxywolf- We don't interact much, but you're still really cool and i'd like to rp with you more :D
  9. June - dude you introduced me to Character AI and you're just so cool :D
  10. Everyone else not included - ILY ALL SM /p. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING, DON'T FORGET THAT
  11. AlexFierro - COOL PEEP! i wanna rp with you sometime soon you're so cool :D
  12. ONE MORE!!!TO ALL THE RAT FAMILY: ILY my adoptive children!!! littlenerd, Trem, Alexfierro, AverageStudent, and my children irl!! (And my gf because ofc she's part of the family ^^)

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