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This is a shoutout quiz for my friends, you don't have to take it but then you may never know what I think about you, so plz just take it. Bare through with me and you'll find your name, somewhere.....

And if you do not find your name being applauded then in the comments below tell me you would like to be in the next shoutout quiz. Trust me, you'll probably be in the next one whenever that is.

Created by: J_Angel_

  1. To the best person ever, Demetrius!
  2. To Emowoman, you rock my world and your the best BFF ever.
  3. June_Roses, you are my guardian angel and I am proud to say that I am your friend!
  4. Dragonsfire (Tat), you are the most honest person to me. You saved my friendships. Thank You!
  5. Acrimony, dude, you are awesome. You rock my world, seriously, you do.
  6. Faceless Knight, Drekk, I like your style. You make people feel important when they are broken.
  7. Pheonix_Pharaoh, don't know you much, but you are fun to roleplay with.
  8. SprinkledSpice, Spice, my man. You are funky and weird in your own way. I don't have a word to describe you.
  9. Zilla, your fun to talk too and i hope to talk to you more in the future.
  10. Gacha_Summer, Summer, you are different. I like being around you, you give off good vibes.
  11. Mazzrack, Jasmine, you are fun to be around. You and your boy (Luc) make things chill and keep me laughing my ass off. So thank you.
  12. ShadowClawVIP....Your cute. And I like your vibes. For some reason i feel protected around you, safe..
  13. WowCrazyInsane, don't talk to you much but you seem to be a nice person.
  14. Violagal12, wished i could talk to you more and sorry about being forgot in the roleplay but you are fun to roleplay with.
  15. Cats17, we've had our up and downs but you are my friend. So i hope you understand that i don't hate you.
  16. AbbySummers, you are a nice girl and I hope boys treat you better later on in life, sweetheart.
  17. That is all, hope you guys had fun!

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