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Blah blah blah Yada yada yada *says random stuff in my “first” paragraph* *hugs emy* *hides behind cousin Eggaly* we’re goin on a trip in our favorite 🚀 🛳

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  1. Before I start, this is only for people who I know and who actually talk to me.
  2. First one goes to Emy. You’re so sweet and deserve the world and will always have a place in my heart.
  3. Eggaly! You’re my cousin and you have always been there for me! ily!
  4. Dragonsfire! You were the first person on GTQ who talked to me! Thank you!
  5. SprinkledSpice! You’re so nice to me and support the fact that Sugar_Girl is a piece of my mind and not an OC! Thank you!
  6. Raynefall! Katniss! I haven’t seen either one of you recently, but I hope you’re doing well. You’re both so kind to me!
  7. Jeeshan! I haven’t seen you in a while either (hope you’re doing ok) but I loved how you treated Emy with the respect she deserves.
  8. Daj! I know who you are! Even though you didn’t treat me well at first, I appreciate how you apologized and told me who you were (not saying who tho). You will always be remembered by me, ily 🤟
  9. That’s all! If I forgot you plz tell me in the comments and I (might) edit this quiz to put you in.
  10. That’s it! Bye!

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