Should your male companion be petticoated

He shouldbe petticoated, his attitude to you aandother women is shame he nend a good dose of firm, embarssing, humiliating petticoat punishment and his feelings nor his male ego should be spared!

He is brilliant and should never have to go through this. he really treats you with respect and acknowledges that you wear the trousers and that you are in complete control over him!

Created by: Christian

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is ur male's personality like
  2. Who does all the housework?
  3. What does he think of shopping?
  4. Where is he usually?
  5. What is his favourite sport?
  6. What make him happiest?
  7. Has he ever sworn at you?
  8. Do you think he's ever worn your clothes in secret?
  9. Has he ever made any derogatary marks about you or any other women?
  10. Does he always do what you tell him?
  11. Has he evr complimented you?
  12. Has he ever disappointed you?

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Quiz topic: Should Ir male companion be petticoated