In this particular storyline, which character are you?

In this storyline, its more directed at the male hero, a female love interest and the male best friend of the hero. Their is the / to make it also for the girls (ironic I'm a girl, huh?) So, you are walking along a dark street when you see a beautiful/handsome young girl/boy getting you save them? Do you help your friend save them? Are you the savee? Are you the one attacking?

Find out whether you are the hero/heroine: Adam/Rose; the bestfriend/sidekick: James/Anna; the love interest: Jadeon/Rubia; or the villain: Michael/Lucia!!

Created by: amazon
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  1. You are walking along a dark street when you see a young teenage girl/boy getting attacked. You:
  2. You have saved the beautiful/handsome young girl/boy. They are very shaken. You:
  3. You are offered the young girl/boy's number so they can thank you later. You:
  4. You are at home a week later, when you receive a call from the beautiful/handsome young girl/boy. They offer to take you to dinner. You:
  5. You are finished with the dinner when the young girl/boy confesses that they like you. You:
  6. So you and the girl/boy are driving home in your car. You reach their house and open their door for them and walk them to their doorstep. You both stop before she/he goes in for the night. You:
  7. You are home now, and you are about to go to sleep. What are you thinking about?
  8. It's the next morning, and you receive a phone call from the girl/boy. You answer. They want to see you again. You:
  9. You are out together with the young girl/boy. What are you two doing?
  10. You two and your best friend are stranded because someone flattened your tires. You:

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Quiz topic: In this particular storyline, which character am I?