Should you quit taking your meds?

The quiz maker stopped taking anti psychotics and experienced all these things on the quiz. This quiz will give you a suggestion of whether or not you should quiz taking your meds.

If you aren't on meds. Good job. You don't want to get on meds. Only as a last resort. Keep up the good work. Meds will definitely slow you down. Good job.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you want to go brain dead?
  2. Do you want to hallucinate?
  3. Do you want to think you're royalty?
  4. Do you want to think you've fathered or mothered thousands of kids?
  5. Do you want to think everyone on TV is talking about you?
  6. Do you want to lose weight?
  7. Do you want to think people are always breaking into your house?
  8. Do you want to run around the neighborhood like a lunatic?
  9. Do you want to hear voices?
  10. Do you want to talk to aliens?

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Quiz topic: Should I quit taking my meds?