Are You Mentally Ill?

There are many mentally ill people out there. Mental illness can be tough and meds they put you on leave unmotivated like you don't want to do anything.

Are you mentally ill? Take this quiz to find out. Maybe you are. Who knows. You could be mentally ill without knowing it. That's why you need to get yourself checked.

Created by: Serge
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  1. Do you hallucinate? (auditory/visual)
  2. Are you really wired for days then you crash?
  3. If you lock something do you have to recheck it multiple times?
  4. Do you get really tired and not want to do anything?
  5. Do you feel stimulation when you spend money?
  6. Are you really nice sometimes then really mean other times?
  7. How consistent are you?
  8. Are you incompetent?
  9. Have you been through a tough experience?
  10. Have you ever watched the movie The Jacket? You should watch it.

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Quiz topic: Am I Mentally Ill?