Should you name your son Donald?

There are many dopey awesome people out there. Are you not one of them. Are you the best. Well then maybe you should take this quiz. Thanks. You are the best.

Are you the best? Some people are. Please take this quiz to see what you should name your son. Good luck. You will probably do great. Thanks for taking the quiz.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you like president Trump?
  2. Do you like Donald Rumsfeld?
  3. Do you like Donald Driver?
  4. Do you like Donald Duck?
  5. Do you like Scrooge Mcduck?
  6. Do you like Daisy Duck?
  7. Do you like Mickey Mouse?
  8. Do you like Disney?
  9. Do you like the USA?
  10. Do you like Barack Obama?

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Quiz topic: Should I name my son Donald?